"The whole period of preparation for our event was a pleasure!"

reviews from customers


Since 2015 the agency strategic developments "BelEvent" creates events that remain in people's memories and history of the companies ...

Alexander Bashura
founder of the agency "BelEvent"

Today “BelEvent” is a team of professionals who:
- create all types of corporate events, including multi-format;
- know and apply their knowledge in the field of outdoor events - business forums and conferences;
- operate in the segment of event-marketing to promote products, goods and services of its customers;
- have extensive experience in organizing closed private events at the level of top officials of states, large business owners and government officials.

Before creating his own company, its founder went from April 2009 a long way from an event manager to a head in an event marketing agency. It was invaluable experience and an interesting period, successful and rapid career growth, which reached its logical point in the form of creating an agency that managed to become famous and loved for its values in working with clients and contractors, for a responsible and creative approach to each event and event.


Yes, while we are young as a brand, but we are adults in our attitude to the business that we have chosen, from which we sincerely enjoy, we live with the client all the way from the conception of the idea to its implementation!

"BelEvent" already full members of our family. They do not need to explain what kind of event you need to keep quiet, but some - as much as possible to light in the media and social networks.

reviews from customers

Clients appreciate in us:
- a creative approach and focus on the individuality of events;
- sincere attitude to each project;
- a personalized approach to projects, when all issues are solved by one person, behind whose back there is a team of professionals from different fields, but there is no need to solve the issue with each separately;
- the brightness of direction and attention to detail;
- speed, efficiency, punctuality;
- the ability and lack of fear to say justified no and offer an alternative option for implementing the wishes;
- the ability to optimize the budget of an event, a project of any scale;
- honesty, attentiveness to documents and reports.

We were very unhappy with the fact that the holiday ended and now we need to wait for the next to meet with the team again "BelEvent".

reviews from customers